Breakfast Quiche

Last Saturday, I was given the privilege of making breakfast for the family. Since it was Thanksgiving weekend and my entire family and boyfriend would all be there, I decided to go all out.


For my quiche, I worked from this Yummy Quiche Recipe and added in my own fun ingredients. I used a deep dish, 10-inch pan and added in a bit more milk and two more eggs. Besides all of the basic quiche ingredients like milk, eggs, and a bit of flour, I baked mine up with onions, ground turkey, chopped spinach, cheddar cheese, and a sprinkling of basil, parsley, and oregano. Happy times.


Despite some hiccups, everything turned out quite edible and delicious. I learned not to use frozen spinach without first defrosting it… since my spinach was covered in ice crystals, it melted during the baking, leaving a watery liquid on the top of my quiche! With a little more baking time, it evaporated and everything was okay. Heh, lessons for next time.

Bonus: my Thanksgiving puppy! Pretty girl (:



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