Pita Bread!


This past weekend, I made pita bread! It was exciting and challenging, but worth it. Since I’m all graduated and have more time now, I am trying to make dinner every Saturday. We’ll see how that goes ; )

Last Saturday, I made pitas, white bean hummus, and peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms with garlic. I think I like the way everything turned out… At very least, it was a very healthy dinner. In the above picture, you can see my pita which I stuffed with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, hummus, and garlic veggies.

I found the recipe for pita bread at Smitten Kitchen. My pitas didn’t puff up as much as I had hoped, but they were still very tasty and happy anyway. I think it might take a bit of practice with the recipe to get it just right. Anybody else have experience with pitas?

Comment if you would like the recipe for the hummus too. It came to my table via one of Dr. Fuhrman’s books that I discovered in my mom’s cookbook drawer.

To top off the entire meal, I also made these hearty, lightly sweet blueberry and yogurt muffins that I found in a wholegrain cookbook we had at home. Such a lovely Saturday. I doubled the recipe and it made just about 30 muffins which have been providing my family with breakfast for the past few days.


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