Weekend baking with bananas

This weekend was full of many ripe bananas. Clear conclusion: bake as much as possible, freeze the rest!

Now that school is over, I’ve had a bit more time for exploring the bookshelves and I found “The Banana Lover’s Cookbook” upstairs. It is a darling cookbook and gave me many ideas for what I could do with bananas. I chose two recipes to try out: Love Lane Banana Bread and Banana-Oatmeal Cookies. Both of them turned out delightfully. Feel free to comment with you would like me to post the recipes!

While both recipes sound somewhat ordinary, they have some unexpected twists to them that make them unique.

Love Lane Banana Bread

The banana bread features orange juice and zest. If I were to rename it recipe in order to impress people I would call it, “Banana and Orange Spirtz Muffins”. hehe. There isn’t that much orange in them, but just enough so you can detect its citrus-y presence. I added in some walnuts for a bit of a crunch.


“Banana Orange Spritz Muffins” as I call them

Banana-Oatmeal Cookies

As for the cookies, they have cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in them! Exciting times. We didn’t have any ground cloves, so I got to grind some up myself. This are not your average cookies and were definitely worth making. I threw in some chocolate and carob chips for even more fun!


Some cookies waiting to be eaten…


One day, when I am old and have lots of money, I will get a camera to properly photograph my food ; )

Bonus: I am puppy sitting! Here is a picture of the cutie I got to look after (read: chase around the house) all weekend. This was taken during one of the short moments when he was actually still.


His name is Marshmallow. Fitting, yes?


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