Birthday cupcakes!

A few weeks ago, my awesome little sister had a birthday party and I had the privilege of making her party snacks. Yay!


Before I had finished frosting the muffins

After some suggestions from my awesome little sister, I decided to make the Chocolate Muffins I wrote about on this blog earlier and top them with my now-beloved vanilla frosting that I used on the Mocha Cupcakes.

What I learned: these are no ordinary muffins. They call for both dark chocolate bars, which gets melted before being mixed into the batter, and milk chocolate chips, which are stirred in to the batter right before baking. Mmmmm….

In the oven, the muffins rose quite a bit and were gorgeous. Sadly, they fell flat once I took them out and let them cool. Oh well! The flatness of my muffins became an excuse for extra frosting, which isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world : ) In the end, I topped the muffins with cocoa powder and turned them into a birthday treat! Fun times!


The properly frosted and dusted cupcakes :)

My awesome little sister and her friends seemed to enjoy them greatly. We even managed to freeze a few of the muffins and I can’t wait to eat the rest of them tonight! : )


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