Blueberry Breakfast Cake

On Tuesday night, I realized I had no homework and so, the clear conclusion was that I should bake. Earlier that day, I had found this recipe online and thought it would be fun to try out!

Image borrowed from I Am Baker

The recipe online required a few ingredients, all of which we had at home. Yay! The recipe looked really simple, but turned out taking a bit more time than I had hoped. I used room temperature butter with cold milk, which chilled the butter again and made it hard to work with :-/ next time I will know better!

Other than that, the recipe was just great. I used 3 cups of frozen wild blueberries as the author suggested which I think it was a great choice! Also, as the author mentioned, this is a large recipe… mine made a whole 9 X 11 pan and another loaf pan.

The cake turned out very light and perfectly browned. I was kind of happy that it came out so well! Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures, but I Am Baker‘s pictures are way better than any you’d get from my phone camera any way.


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