Coffee Mocha Cupcakes

I promised myself that my reward for finishing midterms would be making cupcakes. By the grace of God, midterms are complete and I made cupcakes!


For my cupcakes, I used the Espresso Cupcake recipe found at Just a Pinch and the Light and Fluffy Vanilla Frosting from Ginger Bakes. Finding the recipes was quite a challenge, but I am completely satisfied with how these turned out and know it was worth the trouble to do my research. After making the cupcakes and putting them in the oven, I took a look at the recipe for the frosting. It seemed like far more prep than I had expected. Since I was determined to go all out for these cupcakes though, I made the recipe, which interestingly enough… involved flour!


Once my cupcakes were cool and my frosting whipped, I used the flat side of a kitchen butter knife to frost my cupcakes. Then, my awesome little sister helped me to decorate them with giant owl toothpicks and caramel sauce! yay!


 P. S. Many thanks for Auntie Cynthia who sent these adorable cupcake liners and owl sticks to us as a gift. The turned pretty food in to a delightful treat!


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