Spring Break Baking

This weekend, my awesome little sister and I spent a lot of time baking. We had such fun! We also used up loads of flour, many hours on Pandora, and all of the table space in the kitchen.

On Saturday, we tried to make Talia Fuhrman’s Simple Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies. Contrary to their name, these cookies proved quite a challenge to put together. There are only a few ingredients, so it is really straightforward. … but we ran into difficulties anyway. We used spelt flour instead of the coconut flour and well… the dates refused to be chopped up in the food processor. Half way through trying to process all the ingredients together, we switched to our high-power blender which was sort of an improvement. In the end, we decided to aim for cookies that were edible and forget about what the recipe told us to do. We made some pretty tasty date, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.

Yesterday, we baked bread. My recipe made enough dough for five pizzas. Instead of making five pizzas though, we also made some dinner rolls and a date-pecan roll. Sadly, we ran out of spelt flour and had to use white flour which was lame. We didn’t run into too many hiccups and everything turned out more than edible and rather delicious : )

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