Morning Glory Muffins

Photo0892 Last weekend, I made these muffins for the first time and the recipe is a definite keeper. While these “Morning Glory” muffins are sort of out of the ordinary, containing carrots, pecans, apple, and shredded coconut, the different ingredients just made the recipe more fun and the final product colorful and tasty.

I cut the sugar to about 3/4 of what was required and opted not to put in chocolate chips since I was wanting to make this as a breakfast-type muffin. I highly recommend this recipe and hope to make them again sometime soon!

Fun fact: My mom mentioned that we had shredded carrot already in the fridge if I didn’t want to shred my own. However, these shredded carrots came with a special feature! They were also mixed in with shredded cabbage. And so, instead of shredding my own carrots, I used the carrot-cabbage mixture with no adverse affects… at least I think so! ; )

Check out the recipe brought to you by What Megan’s Making.Photo0893


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