Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp

Proof that midterms are over? I am baking again! Yay!

Image borrowed from the Smitten Kitchen

On Saturday night, my mom said I could make Sunday breakfast and that I ought to use up the yellow and green apples. So I made this Breakfast Apple Crisp. Actually… correction. My little sister and I made this. She peeled apples while I made the granola topping. Then I chopped the apples while she coated them in the cinnamon mixture. Happy times. : )

The recipe was very easy to make and lots of fun too! I used about 3/4 of the sugar called for and put peanut butter into the granola topping instead of butter. Everything turned out great and even my dad, who doesn’t like his food too sweet, enjoyed it.

Check out the dandy little recipe at Smitten Kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp

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