Snickerdoodle Cookies

Once upon a Monday, I realized that the day after was Tuesday. And Tuesday is the day when I co-lead my InterVarsity Small Group, which of course meant that I should bring a snack. So, I decided to make cookies! We didn’t have much in the way of interesting ingredients at my house, so I made the most simple snack I could think of: Snickerdoodles.

Ordinarily, I don’t actually like Snickerdoodles. They taste gross and overly buttery to me. However, this time, I used a recipe different from any I had tried before. This one was from Smitten Kitchen… I decided to give it a little try, although I didn’t have many hopes for it’s success. I was very surprised to find them quite edible and even delicious. yay!!!

Because it was such a big project, I convinced Snickers to help me… We had lots of fun. : )

And, just out of the oven… Mmmmm. They made the house smell so good and Snickers and I ate way too many of them that night.


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