August 2012

Hi everybody! I know it’s been a while… I have some major life updates for you. And by major life updates, I mean that I have been baking and not posting about. ; ) So, here we go!

My best friend at school, hereafter known as Snickers, and I really love random spur of the moment baking as well as planned out adventures. Here’s what we made in August:

Chocolate covered pretzels!! yayyy. One of my favorites and they are so easy. Also, because they take forever and ever to make if you are trying to cover a whole bag of pretzels, they are a good social activity as well. Then you can talk, laugh, and eat broken chocolatey pretzels for hours on end…

We also made an Oreo ice cream cake. But i mean, this wasn’t just any old ice cream cake…

It had mint chocolate chip ice cream in it! nomomnom.

And, to top it off, we used melted chocolate and it became an Avengers Birthday Cake!

:sigh: now I miss summer. At least I have lots of fall foods to blog about next!


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