National Pie Day

Apparently, last Monday was National Pie Day. Now to be honest, I am pretty sure National Pie Day was last semester when my school gave out free pie. But whatever. We can have two National Pie Days in one year… that’s completely okay with me.

SO. Because it was National Pie Day, I decided we had to eat pot pie for dinner. So we did. I used my favorite crust recipe, a simple white sauce, and lots of veggies! yay!

Here you can see it about to go into the oven. I still need to prick it with a fork so that steam can escape!

Everything turned out beautifully. :) The crust tried to give me a little bit of trouble. I think it didn’t like that I used half shortening instead of butter, but I just added more flour until the crust decided to behave again. For the white sauce, I stirred together flour, butter, a pinch of salt and a little water. Then I added parsley and oregano for additional flavor. Did I mention the stirring? I think the vegetables were the easiest part. I borrowed yesterday’s stir-fried veggies… and viola! I had all of my ingredients.

When I put the pie together, first I laid down the bottom crust. Then the veggies went in and I poured the white sauce all over them. Finally, I put on the top crust and used a fork to imprint the edges of the crust so it would look pretty.

It was a very happy dinner and made an excellent lunch on Tuesday too. : )


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