Chocolate Hazelnut Tart: whyyyyyyy

Why does this exist? Whyyyyyy! It looks so delicious. Come on now…. right?

Well, I’m here to introduce the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart. :swoon:

I’ve never made a tart before, but this doesn’t look that difficult. I mean… crust, filling, glaze, and garnish… how hard could it be? After the reading the recipe from The Faux Marta, I have decided that this tart looks really rich, not like that’s a problem or anything. I’d just have to cut small pieces and make the wonderfulness last longer. : )

Overall, I love this blog! I was exploring stuff on and I ran into The Faux Martha’s blog. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-navigate manner and totally draws in the reader with the excellent photography and fun snippets of writing.

Now all I need is an occasion big enough to give me an excuse to make this.


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