Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I know, I know. Everybody drinks hot chocolate at this time of year. But this hot chocolate recipe (also from Whisks and Whimsy!) really caught my attention:

This hot chocolate is pretty decadent and contains both bittersweet and milk chocolate. The bittersweet chocolate makes this drink dark and rich, while the milk chocolate adds some sweetness for balance.

Milk AND dark chocolate? Just wow. And then…

If your idea of hot chocolate comes in a packet, I urge you to try making it on your own. The list of ingredients is short and the process is just as easy.

Wait really? It’s short and easy to make? So, I scrolled down the page, saw some more lovely pictures, and I think I agree. I really want to make homemade hot chocolate now. That would be fun and happy and tasty.

My exploring of the Whisk and Whimsy blog definitely paid off. : ) I just love this blogger’s site and style so much! Everything is laid out in a cute, relaxed fashion and the organization makes browsing simple and fun. Excellent photography too!


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