Why Commuting is Awesome

Yesterday, when I came home from school, my mom told me that she had made Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Walnut Cookies. YAY! I love when this happens. My mom is so cool and the cookies were amazing… of course : ) The cookies were a little on a small side… but that was fine with me. It just means that I get to eat more of them! They were perfectly soft and lightly browned. And! Because my mom was baking, that means that she made them as healthy as possible while still tasting good. I don’t know the exact details for the recipe, but I know it’s a modification from our favorite recipe from the More with Less Cookbook. I would have taken pictures of the cookies, but I was too busy eating. hehe.

Such delightful cookies to look at and even more wonderful to eat. I brought some with me to school today which was also awesome. This has been a happy day… not just because of the cookies, but you know, they help too.


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