Today I went to Starbucks

We can just pretend that this is my hometown...

Today was buy one, get one holiday drinks at Starbucks, so I convinced my family to go to Starbucks with me. It was fun. We planned for Thanksgiving and of course, got something nice to drink. My sister and I got Gingerbread Lattes. My mom chose a Peppermint Mocha and my little sister got the same, but Frap-style. We split a couple of Cranberry Scones too! My dad decided on a regular coffee. The whole outing was very lovelyful. My family pretty much never goes to Starbucks and I was delightfully surprised that they agreed to be my free drink buddies. There are some distinct advantages to having one’s parents at slightly expensive places to eat… ; )

I love the Starbucks atmosphere, although I haven’t quite decided why. Maybe it’s the decor, or the music, or the fact that whenever I am there I know its a total treat and special occasion. Whatever the case, this has been a happy afternoon.

Food critic-wise though, I am somewhat puzzled my Starbucks popularity. Their coffee and scones aren’t the best I’ve ever had (although I am certainly not complaining either!) and I don’t think I’d buy their holiday drinks again. However, I can’t get over their chai fraps, their hot chocolate, or their cookies. Just musings, I guess. Maybe I should have my dad borrow that book about Starbucks again which he was reading a while ago…


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