Pumpkin muffins!

This weekend was wonderful… Not because all of the paper writing and procrastination that took place, but because yesterday night my mom baked a whole cheese pumpkin. Yes, we baked a real “live” pumpkin so we could make other delicious foods and desserts from it. :]
The pumpkin had been sitting on our kitchen table for a few weeks and I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to benefit from its deliciousness. Then, yesterday afternoon my mom sliced it up into four huge pieces and baked it in our oven. Our whole house started smelling squashy… Which is not my favorite smell ever, but hey. The baking of the pumpkin is completely worth being able to bake with it later on. Anyway, the squash baking didn’t last long. Soon, my mom had decided to throw together some pumpkin muffins. I was completely astonished on her awesomeness. She had just come out of a crazy last week and weekend and had lots of projects to finish up before Monday… But here she was making me muffins just because. :) mind you, I had no idea that this muffin baking was taking place. I was *trying* to do my homework at the time. After everything was finished, she called all of us for snack time and what do you know? MUFFINS!!!!
In case you couldn’t tell, I was thrilled. These weren’t just any muffins, but healthy spice-filled chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. Mmmmm. They were perfect in every way: baked just right to have a crunchy sort of top, but not at all burnt. Spices like cinnamon and cardamom swirled throughout the muffin and the chocolate somehow hadn’t sunken completely to the bottom of the muffin. And yes, they were warm, huge, and delightful.
Yeah, my mom is amazing. You should be jealous.


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