A Look Ahead…


2 thoughts on “A Look Ahead…

  1. hey, your blog looks great! I like how you have the header picture as cookies to let the viewers know what your blog is about as soon as they enter. You did a great job with making a video to introduce to us more specifically on what you’re going to cover. I like how this page doesn’t seem bland because it shows your personal interest. Everything looks great but two suggestions would be to dedicate a post to guiding the readers through a specific recipe and to maybe have a different tagline that makes your site different. have fun with the rest of blogging!

  2. I think the blog looks awesome! I love baked goods ( I wish I could bake but that’s more my sisters forte) and how great the pictures are! I think the layout is so sweet, adorable yet professional. I would love if you made a video of yourself baking with step by step instructions! I think you did a great job.

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