Apple Cider Donut Cake


Photo creds to my bestie!

Too much apple cider in your fridge? Here’s the recipe for you! Lots of fun, delightfully cake-y, and good for just about any time of the day!

Bakers note… when the recipe says to cool the apples and let the milk come to room temperature, you should believe them. My bestfriend and I may have denatured/curdled the milk one or twice before getting it right…

Check out the recipe at Two in the Kitchen.


Fluffy Cheesy Biscuits

Image borrowed from Jo Cooks

Last week I made these tasty biscuits and I would 100% make them again. My family isn’t big on cheese, so we always seem to have random bags of cheese left over from various cooking projects (of mine mostly!). So, instead of going with just mozzarella cheese, I used anything I could find in the fridge: 3-cheese Mexican blend, 6-cheese Italian blend, parm, and some mozzarella.

The results were fabulous. I didn’t have time to roll them out, so I dropped my biscuits directly onto the tray. While they did look a little less glamorous, I don’t think the taste suffered at all.

Check out the recipe at Jo Cooks!

Six Layer Bars

Image borrowed from Handmade Charlotte

What do you do with extra condensed milk? I don’t know about you… but I bake with it! I made these easy little bars a few weeks ago and brought them to our church potluck. People couldn’t stop eating them or talking about them… little did they know how easy they are to make!

Enjoy this sweet treat for yourself with the recipe from Handmade Charlotte.

Alfredo Pizza


MMMMMMMM. This tastiness is brought to you by the culinary imaginations of my bestfriend and myself.

We bought some frozen dough, steamed some broccoli and onions, and made our very own Alfredo sauce. We found the recipe at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Overall, it was very delicious. The sauce is a dangerous level of creamy… you have been warned!